CD 004

Product Description  
Lead time10 - 14 working days
Capacity availiable1 Gb - 8 Gb
Size of USB (LxWxD)86 x 54 x 3
Size of print area77 x 46
Imprint Options  
Imprint optionsEngraved and Printing
Imprint areasFront and Reverse
Front Imprint Size85 x 54
Reverse Imprint Size85 x 54
Product Details  
Product MaterialsMetal Card
CompatibilityFor Macs and PCs
Operating SystemWindows XP/2000/ME/98/95 and Mac OS 8.6 and above
DriversRequired only for Windows 98/95
PowerNo external power required
LED LightLED indicates power, read/write
Shock Resistance1000G
Data Retention10 Year Minimum
Warranty1 Year Warranty